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Nothing is more annoying than having a dryer that doesn’t want to work or a dishwasher that turns your kitchen into a soapy wonderland. Need your brand new gas stove installed? Are you needing to replace your refrigerator soon and don’t know where to get rid of the old one?


Finding a reliable appliance repairman to do a good job in Bunkerville might seem like finding a needle in a haystack and professional appliance installers can be just as hard to find.

Don’t let your appliance troubles get you down though! Our professional repairmen and installation professionals can easily help solve any appliance problem you have. All you have to do is call one of our professionals in Bunkerville, NV for a free quote and you will be on your way to using your trusty appliances in no time at all!

89007 24/7 Appliance Repairs and Installations When You Need It Most


A broken stove, a malfunctioning A/C unit, an ice box that just won’t keep things frozen, a fridge that doesn’t keep things cool like it used to. Any broken or malfunctioning appliance can be a real bummer, especially in the summer! But with our reliable repairmen, you can turn those summer blues into relief with one of the many repair and installation services offered.

Whether it is making sure the gas stove igniter is working properly to having your water heater properly installed, there is a repairman ready and waiting to do the job right in Bunkerville, NV!


Having a meltdown with your home A/C unit? Don’t wait, call a professional repairman today and get your air conditioner repaired or cleaned for a cooler home tomorrow.


89007 Appliance Repair and Installation Services


Besides major appliance repairs, there are many other services that our repairmen in Bunkerville, NV can do for you. Whether it is a new dryer belt installation, proper appliance disposal or any other appliance repair our professionals have you covered with only the best service and care.

Refrigerator Installation and Repair Bunkerville, NV Dishwasher Installation and Repair Range Hood Installation
Electric Stove Installation and Repair 89007 Microwave oven repairs Trash Compactor Installation and Repair Bunkerville, NV
Gas Stove Installation and Repair 89007 Major Gas Appliance Repairs and Installations Small Appliance Repairs Bunkerville, NV
Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Bunkerville, NV Major Electric Appliance Repairs and Installations 89007 Cook Top Installation and Repairs
Washing Machine Installation and Repair 89007 Freezer Installation and Repair Microwave Repairs
Dryer Installation and Repair 89007 Ice Maker Repairs Water Heater Installation and Repairs


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